FNB has introduced a new incentive program for its banked players who excel in Varsity sports. The FNB Player That Rocks, also known as the Player of the Match, now comes with an extra R750 prize money for FNB customers. This means that players in the rugby, football, and netball teams for both men and women who receive the Player That Rocks award will now receive R1,500 as their base prize money, with an additional R750 if they are FNB customers.

In addition to the prize money, FNB has extended its support to all teams participating in Varsity sports by providing them with free access to financial education. This initiative aims to empower young athletes to make informed financial decisions and equip them with the necessary skills to manage their finances wisely.

Varsity Sports is a platform for South African universities to showcase their talent and compete against each other in various sporting codes, including athletics, hockey, football, netball, cricket, rugby sevens, basketball, and mountain biking. With FNB’s commitment to promoting financial literacy and rewarding exceptional performance, the future looks brighter for Varsity sports.

Varsity Sports is the exclusive service provider to the University Sports Company (USC), whose objective it is to administer, develop, coordinate and promote non-professional sport between higher education institutions in South Africa