The upcoming season promises to bring a vibrant and colorful atmosphere to the DP World Wanderers, all thanks to their new partners, Promac Paints. With the stadium maintenance staff working tirelessly, the valued pride members can anticipate energetic and unparalleled match day experiences.

Asif Khan, the Stadium Manager for the DP World Wanderers Stadium, emphasizes the significance of the partnership with Promac in preserving the stadium’s vibrancy and the spirit of Johannesburg. Beyond enhancing the spectator experience and overall ambiance, the partnership extends to the stadium’s change rooms and corridors, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing environment while also safeguarding against adverse weather conditions such as heavy rains and excessive heat. This aspect is crucial to maintaining the stadium’s structural integrity.

Entering the den, visitors will be greeted with a burst of vibrant colors. The recent painting of the sightscreens and renovations in the changerooms have already garnered exceptional reviews.

Promac’s Director, Andrew Cottrell, highlights the synergy between Promac Paints and Lions Cricket, including their outreach programs. Both brands share a common goal of fostering prosperity for generations to come, valuing family and providing for people. Promac Paints will supply paint for maintaining the magnificent DP World Wanderers Stadium and its affiliates within the Lions Cricket network. This collaboration allows Promac Paints to associate itself with the internationally renowned Lions Cricket brand and its extensive community.

Lions Cricket CEO, Jono Leaf-Wright

Jono Leaf-Wright, CEO of Lions Cricket, emphasizes the importance of exceptional quality. Maintaining and continuously improving the world-class asset that is the DP World Wanderers Stadium ensures that fans leave the “Lions Den” with renewed energy and immense pride in #ThePrideOfJozi. The alignment of standards between Lions Cricket and the quality paint provided by Promac Paints is greatly appreciated.

With a fresh coat of paint, the DP World Wanderers Stadium eagerly awaits the arrival of fans from near and far, as they prepare for an exciting cricket summer season. The Wanderers cricket stadium holds an esteemed position as an iconic venue in the world of cricket. Known for its rich history, electrifying atmosphere, and memorable matches, the Wanderers has become a symbol of sporting excellence. Its hallowed grounds have witnessed some of the most thrilling moments in the game’s history, captivating fans and players alike. This legendary stadium proudly boasts an extensive roster of sponsors, reflecting its status as a sought-after platform for brand association. From global corporations to local businesses, the Wanderers has forged partnerships with a diverse range of sponsors, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of support that fuels the stadium’s operations and the unforgettable experiences it offers to cricket enthusiasts worldwide.