In an effort to improve the standard of refereeing in Nigeria, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has announced plans to introduce Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology in regional stadiums. This move is part of a broader strategy to enhance the quality of refereeing, which will include training and retraining of referees. Speaking at the National Elective Delegates Conference of the Nigeria Referees’ Association (NRA) in Ilorin, NFF President Malam Ibrahim Gusau announced the plan and urged the incoming leadership of the NRA to focus on developing plans to nurture the future of Nigeria’s referees and support the growth of the game.

Gusau stressed the NFF’s unwavering support for the NRA’s efforts to change the face of football in the country and emphasized that the introduction of VAR is a crucial step towards the growth and development of football. The technology will enable referees to review decisions made during a match, ensuring that accurate decisions are made and reducing the likelihood of controversial incidents. The introduction of VAR in regional stadiums is a significant step towards enhancing the standard of refereeing in Nigeria and elevating the level of competition.

Furthermore, the NFF’s commitment to training and retraining referees is a positive move that ensures the future of football in Nigeria remains bright. With the NFF’s support, the NRA can continue to improve the quality of refereeing in Nigeria and contribute to the growth of the game.