Airlink, the privately owned independent regional airline, has announced a partnership which will see them fly the Titans Cricket teams to their away games in the forthcoming 2022/23 domestic season. The Airlink sponsorship is for the men’s Momentum Multiply Titans and the Fidelity Titans ladies’s teams and covers flights to and from their games played outside Gauteng. They cover the 4-Day Series in which the Titans are defending champions, as well as the One Day Cup.

“Everyone at Airlink is excited and proud to be supporting the Titans teams in their respective summer season campaigns. It is a partnership that makes perfect sense. Like Airlink, the Titans are professional, methodical, dedicated and focussed competitors who set out to delight their fans with memorable performances,” explained Airlink CEO and Managing Director, Rodger Foster.

“Airlink has been in aviation and air travel for some time now and the experience that comes with cannot be bought. Like the Titans they have a great history and track record and I’m really looking forward to the many successes that this partnership will bring,” said Titans CEO, Dr Jacques Faul.

“What drew us to them are the places they reach domestically and throughout Southern African. It’s pleasing to know that we can get to these destinations with Airlink and it will help us especially with our endeavours of Titans international,” he added.

Over the past two years Airlink has been continually enhancing its service, extending its network, expanding its flight schedule and adding modern and efficient aircraft to its fleet.