Lions Cricket and Red Bull have signed a three-year partnership which will witness the DP World Wanderers Stadium being fully outfitted with Red Bull branding. Additionally, the product will the product will also be enjoyed by both the DP World Lions Women and Men teams.

Jono Leaf-Wright, CEO of Lions Cricket, expresses enthusiasm about this partnership:

“The demands of being your best takes its toll – long days of hard graft in between matchdays, throughout an action-packed season means our players require maximum input in order to achieve maximum output. Red Bull is the world’s best, and we are honoured that the premium brand will fuel our athletes in the seasons ahead, giving us WIIINGS for unrivalled and record-breaking performances. In addition to include it as part of our stadium offering for all our fans to enjoy is something we wanted as we continually strive to elevate the experience for those visiting our special DP World Wanderers Stadium.”

Wian Human of Red Bull remarks:

“We are excited to have the privilege of being the preferred Energy Drink at the DP World Wanderers Stadium. This is a milestone we are very excited for as we form part of the Victory Party and give Wiiings to all fans and spectators of DP World Wanderers Stadium.”

With immediate effect, fans and guests can revel in the energy drink during matches, concerts, expos, and activation days at the iconic DP World Wanderers Stadium