Namibia has announced that it will no longer be co-hosting the 2027 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) with Botswana due to budget constraints and an inability to raise funds to upgrade infrastructure. The two countries had initially submitted a joint bid to host the tournament, but Namibia’s withdrawal means that Botswana will now need to find another partner or host the tournament alone.

According to a statement released by the Namibian government, the original budget for the joint bid was above the agreed threshold, and the government was unable to raise the necessary N$4.8 billion to upgrade infrastructure. In addition, severe drought conditions in Namibia have forced the government to redirect its finances towards water supply and food security.

The decision to withdraw from the joint bid was not taken lightly, and the Namibian government has expressed its intention to honour outstanding payments for the work done to date as oart of their agreement with Botswana.

The African Cup of Nations is the most prestigious football tournament on the continent and is held every two years. The tournament brings together the best football teams from across Africa to compete for the coveted trophy. Hosting the tournament is a significant opportunity for countries to showcase their infrastructure, hospitality, and footballing culture to the world.