The partnership between Betway SA20 and South African network operator rain has been renewed, marking the continuation of their collaboration. The two-year agreement designates Rain as the ‘4G and 5G partner’ and builds upon the prior season’s successful involvement, particularly in the exciting semi-finals and final events. This partnership aligns well with the core values of both South Africa’s premier T20 league and the network operator, emphasizing innovation, entertainment, and fan engagement.

Looking ahead to 2024, this partnership promises enhanced 4G and 5G connectivity for fans, whether they are attending matches in person or streaming the 34 matches, further solidifying rain’s role as the primary network partner for fans both at home and away.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with rain as our 4G and 5G network operator partner, “Betway SA20 League Commissioner, Graeme Smith said. “We are committed to innovation, entertainment and keeping our fans connected. We are jointly working on a number of creative elements for season 2 and cannot wait to bring this partnership to life. Our ongoing ambition is to connect fans to SA20 and make sure they don’t miss a moment of quality cricket and entertainment during the season.”

The inaugural season of Betway SA20 was a resounding success, characterized by packed stadiums, top-tier cricket, and exceptional entertainment, setting the stage for more excitement in Season 2.

“As a proudly South African company, we are crazy about the game of cricket and the incredible opportunities and engagements that this tournament brings to the fans in the stadium as well as on the other side of a screen. We will be doing everything we can to grow the spirit of cricket inside stadiums, and on the streets, parks and living rooms across the country” Brandon Leigh, rain CEO said.

The second season of Betway SA20 is set to commence on January 10, featuring the defending champions, Sunrisers Eastern Cape, facing off against Joburg Super Kings at St George’s Park.