Curro Holdings, a leading provider of independent education in South Africa, has joined forces with Tennis South Africa to host a series of International Tennis Federation (ITF) combined men’s and women’s prize money tournaments with a combined prize pool of R1.77 million. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Curro Hillcrest in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, these tournaments promise to showcase top-tier tennis talent and offer an exciting platform for players to compete and excel.

Event Details: The tournament series will span three weeks, each featuring a unique blend of men’s and women’s competitions along with varying prize money amounts:

  • Week 1 (17-23 June 2024): Men’s and Women’s tournaments with a prize pool of $15,000 (R281,005) each.
  • Week 2 (23-30 June 2024): Men’s tournament offering a prize pool of $25,000 (R468,442) and Women’s tournament with $15,000 (R281,005) up for grabs.
  • Week 3 (1-7 July 2024): Men’s tournament featuring $15,000 (R281,005) in prize money and Women’s tournament with a heightened prize pool of $25,000 (R468,442).

The collaboration between Curro Holdings and Tennis South Africa underscores a shared commitment to promoting sports excellence and fostering talent development within the country. By hosting these prestigious tournaments, Curro Holdings not only demonstrates its dedication to supporting sporting initiatives but also provides a platform for aspiring tennis players to gain exposure and compete on an international level.