The UIM E1 World Championship electric boat racing league is gearing up for its inaugural season in February 2024, and it has just welcomed its newest team owners. Joining the league are former Chelsea and Ivory Coast footballer Didier Drogba and his partner Gabrielle LeMaire, who have taken the helm of the fourth E1 racing team. They join a distinguished lineup of global sports icons, including Rafael Nadal, Tom Brady, and Virat Kohli, who are also team owners in this exciting new electric boat racing series.

Initiated by Alejandro Agag, the founder of Formula E and Extreme E, along with Rodi Basso, a former director of Motorsport at McLaren with a Formula 1 engineering background, the UIM E1 World Championship is a burgeoning electric boat racing league. Didier Drogba, renowned for his football career, has become a prominent advocate for sustainability and environmental awareness in his post-retirement endeavors. His commitment aligns seamlessly with the E1 Series’ Blue Impact program, a visionary initiative to restore marine ecosystems in the cities’ waterfronts where the races take place. Leading the charge for the Blue Impact program is Carlos Duarte, E1’s Chief Scientist and a globally recognized marine biologist.

Recognizing the significance of sustainable development, Didier Drogba and his foundation are actively collaborating with international universities on an MSC in sustainable development. Multiple projects are underway, underscoring Drogba’s steadfast dedication to the cause. Beyond environmental efforts, Drogba’s foundation is deeply involved in providing education and healthcare for children, particularly those affected by poverty, disease, and conflict—a foundational step towards building a sustainable future.

In his mission to make a positive impact on the planet and the lives of African children, Didier Drogba is joined by his partner, Gabrielle LeMaire. A successful businesswoman and seasoned marketing leader, Gabrielle shares Drogba’s passion for being a change-maker and working towards a sustainable future. As the founder and leader of Barons Agence Conseil, a communications agency operating across Africa, Gabrielle plays a crucial role in supporting their shared vision.