Future Stars in South African school sports are set to benefit from a long-term collaboration between FUTURELIFE® and SuperSport Schools. The partnership aims to combine nutrition and sport to celebrate and support young athletes on and off the field. FUTURELIFE® has been positively impacting the lives of millions of South African children for years through their nutritional programmes. Now, they will be able to reach even more children with their expertise through the partnership with SuperSport Schools.

The collaboration will provide access to:

  • Nutritional expertise
  • Dietician and nutrition support
  • School competitions
  • Nutritional support for underprivileged players and teams.

The partnership will potentially impact 177,600 children from 148 schools at 118 festivals, with 22,700 live matches played by 7,000+ teams across 20+ sports codes, all broadcast via the SuperSport Schools App and its dedicated linear channel on SuperSport.

SuperSport Schools General Manager, Gerhard Steyn, emphasizes the importance of good nutrition for young athletes, which is critical not only to their sporting success but also to their growth, development, and overall well-being. FUTURELIFE® Managing Director, Mark Bunn, agrees that the synergy between their missions is crystal clear – both companies want to encourage South African children towards healthy living both on and off the field.

The three-year FUTURELIFE® sponsorship will also include access to the FUTURELIFE® Futurepreneur programmes for parents. The partnership hopes to make a meaningful impact on many more South African children’s lives through sport and nutrition and to boost the overall quality of life for families. The collaboration aims to showcase and celebrate all school sporting events through SuperSport Schools, making everyone a Future Star.