SuperSport, the leading African sports broadcaster, has made significant strides in securing broadcast rights extensions for LALIGA, English Premier League and the Champions League.

First and foremost, SuperSport has reaffirmed its exclusive rights to broadcast the pinnacle of Spanish football, LALIGA. This extension encompasses multi-platform English- and local-language rights in the region, ensuring comprehensive coverage of LALIGA matches. Viewers can expect to enjoy all the action from the top-tier Primera División, along with the excitement of the promotion play-offs from the Segunda División.

The Premier League, renowned for its global appeal, has been a key focus of SuperSport’s endeavors and the Randburg based broadcaster was quick to snap up the rights. While the broadcaster would not confirm the length of the extension, reports indicate that the Premier League’s new rights cycle extends over a longer four-year period, signaling a strategic move towards fostering long-term partnerships and ensuring stability in broadcasting arrangements.

Moreover, SuperSport’s portforlio has been bolstered with an extension of its contract for club competitions organized by UEFA, the European governing body of football. This development ensures that football aficionados across the region, including South Africa, will continue to enjoy comprehensive coverage of prestigious UEFA club competitions. SuperSport’s rights across television, mobile, and internet platforms underscore its commitment to providing diverse viewing options and reaching audiences through various mediums.

These strategic broadcast rights extensions underscore SuperSport’s dedication to delivering unparalleled football experiences to its viewers. By securing rights to top-tier competitions such as LALIGA and the Premier League, along with prestigious UEFA club competitions, SuperSport reaffirms its position as the go-to destination for football enthusiasts. As the landscape of football broadcasting continues to evolve, SuperSport remains at the forefront, ensuring that fans never miss a moment of the beautiful game.

In its annual DStv price adjustments, DStv Access will see the largest price increase, but MultiChoice South Africa CEO Marc Jury said the entry-level package will also get a big upgrade to its sports offering. “We have renewed La Liga, and we are in the process of finalising a long-term extension with them,” he said. Jury said DStv Access’s sports offerings would include ESPN, La Liga, SuperSport Variety 4, and SuperSport Blitz.